March 18, 2019

What is a good keyword for SEO?

What is a good keyword? We get this question a lot when businesses are looking into search engine optimization (SEO). Let’s take a stab at answering and offering some advice. A simple answer: it depends on what you’re seeking to accomplish. Also, its complexity and difficulty will be based on many variables.

For example, keyword difficulty with its score based on the Page Authority (PA) and Domain Authority (DA) scores of the results that rank in Google’s top 10 for a given keyword, as well as several other factors such as a number of home pages vs internal pages.

Another factor is the age of your site. If your site is brand new, you may find that even lower difficulty keywords are pretty tough to rank. Why? You can view it as a trust determinant. Your site will build more creditability over time.

We know that some will try to rank for keywords far outside their areas of relevancy and authority. Diversity is good but search engine optimization is more about relevancy. If your site is about pet care and you tried to rank for summer vacation, you’ll likely find that it’s very hard to rank.

If you target difficult keywords, suggest to look into the following:

  • more external links to your site
  • more domain authority
  • more relevant content on your site
  • higher user engagement

Hopefully, this will help you better understand keyword ranking. To learn more about SEO boost to your site, look out for our up and coming articles.

For our partners, they can reach out anytime. We will be happy to do a SEO audit assessment on their website so that they can look into search engine optimization opportunities.

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