March 31, 2019

About Tele Pro Geeks

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For decades, we’ve been running our own business and working through challenges both big and small. We acknowledged the reality that we cannot excel in all areas of business. For example, from sales to marketing, to accounting and IT.

Early this year we looked into creating an all-in-one digital platform to handle operational activities such as customer interactions, appointment booking and payment integration. We reached out to over 20 vendors (eg, Brazil, Canada, Hong Kong, India, Pakistan, Singapore and USA). Their proposals ranged on an average of $150,000 and a development lead time of 6-9 months with a monthly maintenance fee of $2,000 post-deployment.

Their proposals were significantly over our budget and development timeline. We tried to figure out how to overcome this. It was extremely overwhelming as we were new to building an online service platform. Never in our wildest dreams that we ended up developing one ourselves. Our minimal viable product (MVP) was up and running in less than two months.

Drum roll .. Happy to introduce to you Tele Pro Geeks. A 24/7 on-demand service platform for small business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals to extend their services, improve customer engagement and increase customer retention. No upfront investment of thousands of dollars. It’s like a plug-and-play. You’re only a few clicks away to sign up for a membership plan and can reap the benefits of a well-established virtual service platform for daily uses.

Our vision is to share this on demand service platform with a community who embraces our commitment to support and inspire small businesses. As we grow throughout Canada and open our portal to other places in the world, we will discover the difference this on-demand application can make in people’s lives. Join us when and where it’s convenient for you!

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