What is Tele Pro Geeks?

We are a 24/7 online on demand platform for businesses to provide services to their customers via a text, audio or video chat


For businesses to generate additional income, improve customer engagement and increase customer retention

  • No upfront platform development costs (= savings of thousands of dollars)
  • Easy to use (tutorial videos available)
  • Flexible schedule for business and customers to meet when and where it’s convenient
  • Simple booking process (less than a few minutes to book an appointment)
  • Multiple chat options (choices of text, audio and video chats)
  • Built-in payment integration
  • Automation of follow ups and reminders
  • Sync with other calendars such as Google Calendar and Outlook Office 365
Special Features
  • On-demand responsive secure platform to stay in sync with customers  
  • Receive a customized scheduling link
  • Determine consultation schedule
  • Create appointment packages and gift certificates
  • Set up discount codes
  • Get paid for consulation services (after deduction of a small transaction fee)
  • Direct deposits every Friday
  • Growth of customer lists
  • Regular appointment email/text notifications (eg, daily and weekly)
  • User-friendly portal